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Government Reveals New Post-Brexit UK Touring Restrictions

The UK government’s Home Office has announced new post-Brexit regulations for musicians touring the country from Europe.

The new system, which ends the free movement of UK and EU citizens across shared borders, is based on points and will go into effect on January 1st, 2020.

The points will be awarded by factors, including sponsorship, appropriate skill level for the sought-after job, fluency in English, education level, and current salary.

The new regulations will require musicians from Europe who want to tour in the UK to apply for a Tier 5 visas and will be subject to the same restrictions as touring musicians from countries outside of the EU.

The tier 5 visa includes a £244 application fee and will require a certificate of sponsorship from an employer. The application will also require would-be visiting workers to demonstrate they have at least £945 in savings for 90 days before they apply.

Visa applicants will also be on the hook for a £19.20 biometric information fee, and a healthcare surcharge.

Non-EU workers can currently apply for a 30-day Permitted Paid Engagement to perform in the UK.

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