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How Many Users Does Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Other Streaming Music Services Have?

As the battle for streaming music users and subscribers heats up, streaming music stats based on questionable assumptions abound.

Stuart Dredge of Music Ally has put together the most carefully sourced streaming music user and subscriber stats that I’ve seen and has pledged to keep it updated as new information becomes available.

As of now, here is how many users each streaming music has:


  • 271 million users / 124 million subscribers

Apple Music

  • 60 million subscribers

Amazon Music

  • 55 million customers including users from Amazon Prime

Tencent Music (China)

  • 661 million users / 35.4 million paid users

YouTube Music

  • 1 billion music users / 20 million subscribers


  • 63.5 million users / 6.2 million subscribers


  • 175 million users


  • 14 million users / 7 million subscribers

Gaana (India)

  • 152 million users / 1 millon subscribers

JioSaavn (India)

  • 104 million users

Anghami (Middle East, North Africa)

  • 21 million users / 1+ million subscribers

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