Is Email Marketing Still Important For Musicians?

With so many different social media platforms available and easy to use, it can be tempting to forego an old school resource like email altogether. In reality, however, email remains an incredibly important tool for bands and artists to utilize in their marketing efforts.

Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0

It’s very tempting to rely on social media as the major avenue to reach your fans and followers, but you might be surprised that even though it can be effective, it doesn’t come close to an old standby format that’s easy to disregard – that’s email marketing. When it comes down to it, your email list makes your music business world turn more than you might realize and the following facts from SocialMedia Today hopefully will convince you of that.

  • Nearly half the world’s population uses email. Yes, over 3 billion people still use it every day.
  • Email is much more effective than social media. How much more? How about 40 times more effective at marketing than Twitter and Facebook combined!
  • Email on a mobile device is especially powerful. About 50% of all emails that you send out will be opened on a mobile device. What’s more, conversion rate can be as high as 70% for mobil-targeted emails, so be sure to view them in mobile mode before you send.
  • Email execution is really important. An email that displays poorly on mobile will be deleted within 3 seconds. A poor subject line will get it reported as spam 69% of the time.
  • Emails with a video are winners. A video can spike the click rate by as much as 300%. While it isn’t easy or even advisable to embed a video in an email, just having a graphic with a video start button that links to the actual video online has the same effect.
  • People love welcome emails. The automatic emails that should be sent out when someone joins your list is the perfect time to get the reader to take action. They’re more likely to do what you ask of them more than 300% more than any other email you might send.

It’s easy to ignore a good old fashioned email campaign and rely instead on social media, but major brands still view the format as more than extremely useful. Your email list is still the most powerful marketing tool that you have.

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  1. “About 50% of all emails that you send out will be opened on a mobile device.” No, about 18% of your emails are opened, that’s considered a successful open rate by Constant Contact, MailChimp, SendinBlue, and other email service providers. Of the ~18% of sent emails that are opened, I’d believe 50% were opened on a mobile device, although I’d think that percentage was low.
    You might consider Text. About 95% of sent SMS texts are viewed within 3 minutes of delivery.

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