The Game Warns Rappers To Reject ‘Slave Deals,” Stay Indie

Outspoken rapper The Game is warning his peers to avoid signing “slave deals” with record labels.

“The labels sign young artists to slave deals & their only concern is how they can use you to make more money.” the rapper tweeted. “They don’t even advertise or market you no more, they let u do it yourself on IG while they sit back, steal & wait 4 the next you.”

“Stay INDEPENDENT. OWN your masters.” he continued. “Do the work yourself & the payoff will be worth it. Almost 20 years in music & not once did anyone tell me this. Shit, I’m still waiting on them to tell YOU.”

Photo above: By Eric Garcetti – The Game speaking at a press conference with LAPD Chief Beck, Mayor Garcetti, Snoop Dogg, and community members after the police ambush in Dallas, CC BY 2.0

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