Basics Of Branding For Musicians: Determining What Makes You Unique

When it comes to marketing themselves, artists often struggle with pinpointing what quality it is about them that makes them unique. Here we look at the technique for figuring this out, and why it’s important not to overthink the process too much.

In this most recent piece on MusicThinkTank, contribur Da Nguyen offers some branding assistance in helping artists determine what quality it is that makes them ‘unique,’ or at least close to it.

“To expand on the first point, I get the sense some artists get too obsessed with finding that one unique thing. They feel it’ll make or break their career. Just like talent alone isn’t going to carry you. You still need to have talent, put in the work and create amazing music. Super cliche but it’s true. Success involves many factors so don’t let this aspect of your brand slow you down.”

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