COVID-19: Being A Musician In A Global Pandemic

With tours and shows cancelled and social distancing the new norm, musicians are faced with indoor confinement and, like many others, financially lean times. So how can they make the most of a difficult situation? Here, we look at some tips.

In this latest article on MusicThinkTank, contributor Caleb J. Murphy for staying creative, productive, and continuing to earn money during a difficult and ongoing period of time.

“Normally, your time is limited. So you only have little chunks of time during the evening or on weekends to make music.

And according to Parkinson’s Law, you may want to keep those limitations in place even if you’re at home with nothing to do.

This law says your work will expand to fit the time you have. So if you have all day to make music, you may not be as focused because you know you have a ton of time.

But if you say, “I’m going to limit my music-making time to two hours today,” then you’ll probably find you accomplish more. 

You’ll be more focused on doing the thing you love.”

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