Free Wellness Toolbox For Musicians Offers Path Forward In Troubled Times

73% of independent musicians said they have experienced negative emotions such as stress, anxiety or depression in relation to their music in a recent survey taken before the additional stress of the coronavirus crisis.

When the musicians were asked if they prioritize their mental health and wellbeing, just 59% yes.

To help lower the barrier to care, digital music distributor, Record Union has created a toolbox for wellbeing with the help of industry experts and with music makers in mind.

“If we, by providing concrete information and tangible tools, could help just a few artists to prioritize and take better care of their mental wellbeing, I believe we will have succeeded,” said Johan Svanberg, CEO of Record Union. 

5 Areas Of Wellbeing

Five areas make up the foundation os the new The Wellness Starter Pack: a collection of videos and articles that, with the help of industry experts, explore the impact that sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and positivity have on music makers’ mental health, along with actionable steps forward.

View the full free Musicians Wellness Starter Pack here.

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