Gig Quote Calculator For Bands, Artists

When working as an independent musician, there will inevitably be a good amount of tedious grunt work to do other than performing music. While we can’t get rid of all such mind numbing tasks, this gig quote calculator tool gives artists a quick and easy way to assess what they should be charging for a show.

In this latest piece on MusicThinkTank, contributor Adam Mezzatesta shares a recently created free tool for bands and artists which calculates what a performer should be charging for any given show.

“At Bands For Hire agency we’ve built our internal systems to reduce the boring everyday administrative chores and spend more time on what really matters. For you, that means more time writing music, rehearsing and marketing your original music – for us it means more time with clients and doing the things we love such as creating content, listening to new acts and well… developing helpful little tools.”

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