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How Has #MeToo Impacted The Music Industry?

It’s been a while now since a 2017 tweet by actor Alyssa Milano encouraging other victims of sexaul assault to use the hashtag #MeToo sparked a powerful movement. For a long time it seemed as though the music business was less impacted by this important social change than other industries. Thankfully, this could finally be changing, at least in part.

In this recent piece on MusicThinkTank, Dan Matthews explores how the music industry has (or in some cases has not) been impacted by the #MeToo movement.

“Some experts believe there are several factors that have made this movement less prominent in music. For starters, it’s the stereotypical culture of the industry. You’ve undoubtedly heard the saying “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll.” While you could argue that’s just a silly, outdated slogan, there is still a lot of evidence behind its meaning, especially in the pop and rock industries. The music industry has a history of exploiting musicians, not just women. It’s an industry that has been filled with sexism, exploitation, and impossible standards for decades. “

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