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Woman Owned Labels You Should Know About

In an industry with plenty of gender issues, it’s good to take a moment and recognize a few of the women leaders owning and operating some of the music business’s finest independent labels.

Guest post by Randi Zimmerman of the Symphonic Blog

In this industry, it’s important to recognize the badass women who’re running some of the best independent labels out there. Although it’s only National Women’s Month in March, these ladies rock the industry every day, every month and every year without fail. Here are some of the best women owned labels you need to know about.

Women Owned Labels You Need to Know About

Cafe Rooster Records

This independent label is owned by the effortlessly cool Sally Jaye Smithwick. Passionate about the art of the craft, she deeply supports her fellow Nashville artists within their growing community. Conjured up in Nashville, TN, Cafe Rooster Records offers a welcoming home to genres spanning across Americana, Rock n Roll, Punk Rock and the more unique sounds that don’t quite fit in with the status quo. Their collective of artists includes Ladies Gun Club, The Minks, Blackfoot Gypsies and more.

GrindEthos Records

Founder and CEO, Meghann Wright has been incredibly active in independent and major label music communities for 15 years. From Americana to Hip Hop to Hardcore Punk and Metal scenes, GrindEthos provides guidance, social media and web support, booking, management, promotion, networking opportunities, and many other invaluable services to musical artists of all genres and backgrounds.


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Famined Records

Focused on metal/hardcore/alternative music, Famined Records has garnered heavy, technical and progressive underground bands from the US, Canada, Europe, Hungary, Turkey, and most recently, even acts in Hong Kong and Vietnam. Now under the badass reign of Chelsea Coronin, Famined Records maintains an insatiable hunger for new music and a never-ending drive that has helped them become one of the main up and coming underground labels in the industry, and things are only looking up.

A Diamond Heart Production

Owned by Vanessa Silberman, A Diamond Heart Production is an Artist Development Label, Recording, Music and Publishing Company. Vanessa works closely with various bands and artists like Carissa Johnson, Jess Adams, The Damed and more to help them develop different aspects of their career with care and a unique point of view. She and ADHP roll against the grain. They take risks and push their artists to venture into unknown territory. Her work spans across many different aspects of the industry, and her skills express the mastery she’s earned over years of experience.

In Conclusion…

We can’t ignore the lack of gender equality all industries, not only the music industry, possess. As female artists continue to yearn and hustle for a change, labels like these are changing the name of the game.

These women owned labels stand for more than just equality. They stand as an example for others to step up, speak up and support change. We applaud them and all the other organizations led by women who take no shit and spread inclusivity and love throughout everything they do.

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