30,000 New Creators Launched On Patreon In First 3 Weeks Of March

More than 30,000 musicians and other creators launched their first campaigns on Patreon in the days right after the coronavirus pandemic began to take hold globally.

The number of fans supporting creators also grew to record highs.

“We began to see platform-wide behavior change on Friday, March 13th,” wrote Patreon’s Maura Church. “Average new patron growth across the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, and Italy is up 36.2% compared to February – an indication that fans are turning to Patreon to support creators during this tough time.”

Major Trends On Patreon

  • A large number of creators are launching on Patreon. More than 30,000 creators launched in the first 3 weeks of March 2020 alone, and these new creators are acquiring patrons faster than usual.
  • Creators have expanded their earnings on Patreon during this time period. This is driven by two factors:
    • Patron acquisition: An unusually large number of fans are subscribing to creators on Patreon.
    • Patron retention: We’ve seen slightly more pledge deletion, but not nearly enough to offset the increasing numbers of new pledges.

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