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Pitbull Throws Down with ‘I Believe That We Will Win’ Release, Fan Generated Video

It started with a chant commonly shared at sporting events and a call from a friend.

“He told me, ‘Hey, I made a beat to this’ and I thought it was crazy that he was showing it to me because it was literally when the lockdown started and I told him, ‘Man, this is what the world needs right now’,” Pitbull told Billboard. “I knocked out the record within a day and a half and by the third day, we were ready to put out the snippet for everybody because I felt that that message is needed right now more than ever.”

Profits from the empowerment anthem, released in collaboration with Saban Music Group, will be given to charities including Feeding America and the Tony Robbins Foundation.

“Pitbull reached out saying he wanted to do this track and asked if I was in and I said, ‘I’m in if the revenue goes to charity’ and he said, ‘Absolutely, that’s not even a question’ and that’s how it all started,” Haim Saban, chairman and CEO of Saban Capital Group and founder of Saban Music Group told Billboard.

Fan Generated Video

Pitbull has invited fans to send videos of themselves singing the hook to be included in the clip.

He’s even created a video on how to fill out the release form….

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