Spotify Launches Fan Fundraising With $100 Gift To Every Artist

Spotify has launched the wonderfully timed but awkwardly titled Artist Fundraising Pick to help musicians raise much-needed funds from fans.

Just as artists can select any piece of music to highlight on their profile as an Artist’s Pick, they can now also highlight a fundraising destination for their own project or an approved charity.

At launch, artists can choose to add a link to Cash App, GoFundMe and PayPal.me with more partners being added soon.

$100 Waiting For Every Artist

Cash App has also established a $1 million relief effort for artists in partnership with Spotify.

Spotify for Artists users who submit their “$cashtag” username as their Artist Fundraising Pick and secure at least one contribution of any size through Spotify will receive an extra $100 in their account from Cash App, until a collective total of $1 million has been contributed.

This effort is available to artists in the US & UK, but Spotify listeners located all over the world can still make contributions via Cash App.

Tyrese Pope is fundraising through Cash App: “I’ve been using Cash App to raise money for a while but now that listeners can contribute through Spotify, it’s going to make a big difference. With touring now impossible, it’s never been harder for artists to make ends meet, so the extra contributions from Cash App and listeners alike will really help when we need it most.”

Raising Money For Charities

Spotify has also created the option for artists to fundraise for any of the verified organizations participating in the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project.

Marshmello is fundraising for MusiCares: “So many of us have been affected by the COVID-19 virus, and now more than ever we need to stand together and help each other. MusiCares is helping all working musicians, producers, songwriters, engineers and so many. Let’s all do our part to help those who need it most!”

How To Get Started

Spotify for Artists admin users can select “Get started” on the banner at the top of their dashboard to submit their Fundraising Pick.

There is also a best practices guide with more detail.

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  1. Do you know how long it takes to receive the $100? I just got my first donation and wonder if it’s working.
    Thanks! This is awesome 🙏

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