Temporary Jobs Artists Can Pick Up During The Coronavirus Outbreak

The reality of cancelled gigs, and upcoming tours distant on the horizon, bands and musicians sitting out the Coronovirus pandemic have seen many of their revenue streams dry up. Here we look at some temporary job options to consider while social distancing.

In this most recent piece from MusicThinkTank, contributor Sam Bowman looks at some of the temporary jobs artists can pursue while they’re waiting for the music industry to come out of hibernation.

“If you have an educational background, you can also work in remote or online learning. Millions of kids are out of school and could be for the next several weeks. You could offer virtual tutoring services. If you have a degree in teaching, you could work for various online teaching venues which are currently hiring thousands of teachers to help kids learn online, and, even though it’s not a digital job, you can also look into providing childcare or nannying services for younger children who may be out of school but who have parents who still need to work.”

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