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7 Free Apps Musicians Can Use To Remain Creative At Home

Over the years, apps have become a huge asset in allowing artists to remain creative while on the go or, in the current state of things, while trapped at home. Here we look at some of the best free apps available to creatives on lock down.

In this latest piece from MusicThinkTank, contributor Efa Etoroma lists some of the best and most enjoyable free apps available to artists looking to flex their creative muscles while trapped at home.

“If you’ve always wanted a Moog Model D synthesizer, this is an incredible app that takes on the sound of the original and adds some cool features such as effects, and four-voice polyphony. The Model D app includes 160 presets and adjustable controls for the filters and oscillators. The app allows you to play four-note chords and has an arpeggiator and looping recorder.”

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