Advice For Starting Your Own Record Label

Many of the ways in which the music business has changed over the past couple of decades have made the industry more conducive to an independent, DIY approach. Here, we explore some key areas to focus on when looking to build your own independent label, and opportunities to take advantage of along of the way.

In this most recent piece from MusicThinkTank, contributor Magnolia Potter looks at some of the key elements and major considerations you should take into account when starting your own record label.

“One important thing you need to gain is a working knowledge of copyright, and how it works in relation to the music industry. At the most basic level, copyright is undertaken in two ways. Firstly, with regard to the composition, the copyright belongs to the songwriter. A separate copyright consideration is regarding the specific recording which usually belongs to the label unless otherwise agreed with the artist. Copyright is likely to affect your business in various ways including if an artist on your roster chooses to sample another artist’s work. “

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