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Boosting Productivity: The Best Work From Home Playlists

When it comes to getting work done, everyone has their own soundtrack for maximum productivity. Here the team at Symphonic Distribution share the music they use to help get shit done while working from home.

Guest post by Randi Zimmerman of the Symphonic Blog

Everyone has a favorite vibe to set while they’re working from home. Some people get more tasks done with heavy metal blasting through their headphones, while some prefer lofi-jazz mixes to set the mood. No matter what you listen to, everyone has their own way of using music to boost productivity. Here are some of our Symphonic team member’s favorite playlists to help them get shit done.

Best Work From Home Playlists To Boost Productivity

Janette Berrios // Head of Corporate Marketing

Música Para Trabajar on Spotify — “This is our Symphonic Latino Working from Home playlist. I love that it has a lot of Afro House tracks, so it’s electronic but with a dope latin flare. Upbeat and good vibes all day!”

Adam Bentley // Creative Designer

Beautiful Music on Spotify — “This playlist is full of music that keeps inspired and ready to get shit done. The soft vocals and ambient music make this playlist the perfect go-to for staying focused.”

AJ Alvarez // Director, LATAM Marketing in Client Marketing

Rising: Latin on TIDAL — “This playlist for when I have no clue what I want to listen to and just want to hear something new. I can always trust it to introduce me to at least one new artist I am excited to hear more from.”

Randy Ojeda // A & R Associate in Client Onboarding & Operations

Cigar City MGMT Picks — “Cigar City MGMT is very focused on promoting a diverse scene – and with an emphasis on punk, post-punk, psych, and indie rock this regularly updated playlist features only independent artists and labels, big and small. Perfect for finding new music while getting work done at the same time. Follow it and you’ll find something new, guaranteed.”

Logan Bodzer // Marketing Associate

Flow State on Spotify — “I love this one! It’s always got good songs on it, helps me relax, and keeps me focused. All around a reliable playlist with a consistent, great vibe.”

Jon Mizrachi // Senior Director, Sync Licensing

Sync Bangers on Spotify — I’m constantly listening to new stuff people send me, and when I’m not, I generally listen to individual artists in a ton of different genres. When do throw a playlist on though, it’s this one.

Andrés Felipe Muñeton // Client Manager

lofi hip hop music – beats to study/relax to on Spotify — I love this playlist. It helps put me in a good mood for working with clients and staying level-headed in stressful times of the day.

Check out these playlists and see what you think! We all have diverse taste, but it’s always nice to switch it up a bit. These playlists are what helps our team get their heads in the game, but hopefully you find something you like, too! Sit back, tune in, and get to work!

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