MUSICIANS, DJs: Take This MIDiA Artist Survey Now

Music industry consultantcy MIDiA has begun its third biannual Artist Survey and we encourage all musicians and DJs to take it today.

The MIDiA survey takes the pulse of the artist community and then provides the findings back to the community via a blog post outlining top-level findings and the complete results which will be sent to all artists that take part.

“It is a great way for artists to get heard and to benchmark how they are doing, as well as their hopes and concerns with the rest of the artist community,” wrote MIDiA’s Mark Mulligan in a blog post. “Our surveys are truly global – our last one had respondents from as far afield as Algeria, Australia, Chile, Madagascar, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.”

This year, in addition to tracking topics such as which online tools artists are using, where they are making their money and where they want their careers to go, the survey will also look at how the Coronavirus has affected artist careers and what they are doing in response.

The results are 100% confidential and they never share any details of respondent-level responses. “We only ever show the aggregate, survey-level data. Hopefully the success of or last two surveys stand as testament to our dedication to respondent confidentiality,” says Mulligan

If you are an artist, we urge you to take part in the survey, at this link.

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