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Taki Expands To Offer Musicians Income From Personalized Videos

Taki, the direct to fan personalized video platform, is expanding beyond influencers to include musicians

Parent company Rally today launched new interactive video product features to attract emerging and legacy artists, musicians and DJs to the platform by offering more connectivity to new and existing fans.

Singer-songwriter Danny Worsnop offers expert advice on guitar chord progressions

The announcement comes as Taki reports strong growth including a 234% increase in fan orders and a 50% increase in new talent since March.

Keep 95.5% Of Booking Fees

Launched in February, Taki facilitates the booking of short video messages that range from quick shoutouts to more personalized content from a growing roster of more than 150 digital celebrities and now musicians

Each celebrity sets their own price, chooses which requests to fulfill and earns an impressive 95.5% of each booking. 

With the launch of the new features, in addition to written text, fans submitting an order now have the option of adding a link to an Instagram post; marking the first time a fan can include a static image or video in their request. The new product features will allow for countless new interactions between artists and fans including original music, expert critique, fun duets and shout-outs. [Check out more ways that musicians can interact with fans and earn income on Taki below.]

“While our initial focus was on internet creators, we were inspired by the creativity of our artists roster and are now actively looking to recruit artists, musicians and DJs to the platform” said Mahesh Vellanki, General Manager at Taki. “With the livelihood of so many artists being impacted by the shutdown, Taki offers a simple way and creative outlet to build a fanbase and earn extra revenue.”

Taki is currently invite only, but interested artists, musicians and DJs can join the waitlist here

How Musicians Can Interact With Fans On Taki

MUSIC: Fans can request a specific song or even original composition or rap just for them. In addition, fans can seek expert critique as they learn to play an instrument, sing a song, or produce an original composition. 

  • Singer-songwriter Danny Worsnop offers expert advice on a guitar chord progressions here
  • KPOP star Esna performs an acapella version of “Remember Me” here

DUETS: Fans can ask their favorite digital celebrity to perform a digital duet. From a song, to a dance to a scene reenactment to an improv.

  • Beatbox faceoff between Tik Tok star Coop and Karmabeatbox here

SHOUT OUTS: Fans can now use video and image to make shout-outs more interactive, personalized and fun. 

  • High School Musical star Drew Seeley serenading a fan with an acapella version of “Breaking Free” here
  • Acclaimed hip-hop duo Year of the Ox praises a frontline nurse for her dedication during the COVID-10 outbreak here
DJ Infamous offers a fan recommendations on gear to upgrade his set-up

DEVELOP YOUR OWN IDEA OR CROWD SOURCE: From merch sales to exclusive first-listens to AMAs, there’s no limit to what artists, musicians and producers can offer their fans and make money on Taki. The Taki team regularly shares best practices to help its roster jumpstart their creativity. 

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