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Forget Drive-Ins, Hotel Balconies Are New Best Places To Watch A Concert

Hotel balconies are being used as private viewing box suites for a Canadian concert series and its a concept that could be easily replicated by thousands of other hotels.

Event management software company Showpass has created a concert-going experience they are calling “Staycations” that utilizes pool decks and courtyards as stages and hotel room balconies as box suites.

After launching on Monday in Calgary, Showpass says that interest has coming flooding in from cities all over North America.

The balconies make it possible to bring hundreds of people into the same building for live music. Alberta Health Services gave approval for Showpass to move forward with the concerts late last week.

Three more concerts have already been scheduled.

Hotel layouts provide a safe social distancing environment with individual bathrooms, room service capabilities, contactless check-in and check out, and a room to stay the night in.

“The goal of this project is to get as many folks in the music industry – from musicians and crew members, to agents and promoters – back to doing what they love and most importantly, getting paid to do it.” says Showpass CEO Lucas McCarthy.

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