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‘Herd Immunity Music Fest’ Announced For July 16-18

Wisconsin is set to be the first U.S. state to host a three music festival in mid-July.

The festival, which was described in some early marketing material as the “Herd Immunity Fest” will feature 5 bands at the Q & Z Expo Center in Ringle from July 16-18.

Static-X, Adelita’s Way, Dope, Blacktop Mojo, Flaw, Versus Me, Royal Bliss, Thunderstruck and One are scheduled to perform

The promoters shifted away from the controversial name: “The Festival is also not called ‘Herd Immunity’ and the name is no longer tied to any of our social media or promotion.”

The venue can accommodate up to 10,000 fans and promoters say they are only selling 20% of capacity “so anyone has the choice and ability to social distance.”

The state’s Health Dept. discouraged people from attending the event.

“The health department discourages individuals from attending mass gatherings because of the risk of spreading COVID-19. If people choose to attend any large public event we encourage them to wear cloth face masks, wash hands, or use hand sanitizer and practice social distancing. The health department does not have the authority to prohibit community events.”

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