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rightsHUB Adds Gracenote, DJ Monitor, BMAT, Soundmouse, Yacast Music Recognition, Jaxsta Integration

rightsHUB has added integrations with major music recognition services to its music rights data and asset management platform that enable users to register songs in a single upload. 

The integration of Gracenote, DJ Monitor, BMAT, Soundmouse, and Yacast means that rights holders can supply accurate and rich metadata at release thus assisting PROs and CMOs in reporting.

rightsHUB have also added Jaxsta, a startup using technology to develop a comprehensive source of official music credits. This partnership will help ensure rightsHUB user’s repertoire is properly accredited.

rightsHUB CEO Lee Morrison highlighted that the common practice of not sending data to MRTs until release date or even after is far from ideal when it comes to earning more revenue in the long term.

“It’s vital that rights holders take responsibility for registering their rights with MRT companies in the same way as they do with their distributors, CMOs and PROs,” said Morrison. “With the correct data, revenue can flow to the rightsholder as it should. We have to give the MRT companies the data as early as possible into the promotional cycle so that performance can be identified. 

“By offering this service for free to clients we hope rights holders will earn more revenue in the long term,” he concluded.

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