UMG’s Spinnup Expands DIY Music Distribution, A&R To Japan

UMG has expanded its DIY music distribution service Spinnup to Japan. In addition to an array of Tunecore like features, Spinup promises to put artists “in front of the biggest labels on the planet.”

More than 80 Spinup artists have already signed major contracts in Europe and America, according to UMG

Ichiro Tamaki, Executive Officer, Universal Music Japan says: “Delivering music has never been easier, but it has never been easier for an artist to build a career amid a flood of talent. We hope Spinnup will not only bring indie artists to reach out to music fans around the world, but will also be a place to discover and discover new talents for universal music A&R around the world. Through Spinnup, we will support new talent in Japan and support the artists who will lead the next generation.”

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