5 Methods For Organizing A Socially-Distant Concert

While things like restaurants and beaches are beginning to slowly reopen in parts of the country, venues will remain shut for the foreseeable future. To compensate for this, now is the perfect time to slack your community’s thirst for live music and support local artists by safely organizing your own socially distant concerts. Here, we look at how to make it happen.

Guest post by Heather Roonan of Gig Salad

If there’s one thing people miss most, it might just be live music. And unlike restaurants and beaches, it’s likely going to be many months before artists start touring again and concert venues can open their doors. So why not host your own concert and support a local musician? 

1. Concert in the cul-de-sac

Gather your friends and neighbors for an outdoor concert on your block! First, find a spot with ample space and a source of electricity. A cul-de-sac or wide part toward the end of the street might be a good option. Next, book a local party bandcover band, or tribute band to rock the block!

Any event that takes place outdoors is considered to be safer for large numbers of people because it makes it easier to maintain social distance. Encourage masks for extra safety when you can’t spread out. Be sure to check your HOA or city regulations to see what permits or requirements you need to consider, and get to planning.

2. Drive-in music

If you can do drive-in movies, why not concerts? We’ve seen some artists doing this in their hometowns and it’s pretty cool. The audience can enjoy live music from the comfort of their car. Rather than applause and lighters, cars can honk and flash their headlights. Roll out the asphalt carpet for a local country bandrock band, or pop singer!

The trickiest part is finding a location. Your best bet is to partner with a local business that has a decent-sized parking lot. You can use a low power broadcaster to broadcast to car radios as drive-in theaters do, or for smaller crowds, a decent sound system could do the trick.

3. Virtual show

This isn’t a new idea, and it’s how most of us have been connecting with our favorite musicians over the last few months. But rather than watching prerecorded sessions on YouTube, set up a live show via video conference.

Find a local musician equipped to perform virtually (which many are) and treat it like a regular show. Set a date, time, and platform. Advertise it to your local music scene and let people reserve spots for their private show. Soloists like saxophone playersjazz guitarists, or singing pianists are great options for your on-screen concert!

4. Dancing in the street

If you feel more comfortable with more distance from your neighbors, keep everyone in their own yards for a tweak on the block party idea. Then liven up those quiet summer nights with street musicians!

Set out your lawn chairs and book a local musician to stroll the neighborhood. Serenade your neighbors with something unique like an opera singer or raise the party bar with a brass band or one man band!

5. Backyard jam

If you’d like something more intimate, there’s nothing easier than your own backyard. Set up blankets or lawn chairs and for an outdoor concert to entertain your close friends and family.

Most musicians just need a few feet of space with a chair and a power source for their amp to get the party started! A singing guitaristacoustic band, or jazz band are all great choices for smaller areas.

With a few precautions and modifications, you can enjoy live music again! Local musicians will love the opportunity to play while you make memories with your loved ones.

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