How To Be A Musician With Day Job

If you happen to work a full time job, be a full time student, are raising kids, or all of the above, the thought of also pursuing your music career might seem completely out of reach. Fortunately, by implementing some key changes to your schedule, being a musicians with day job is acheivable.

In this most recent piece from MusicThinkTank, contributor Caleb J. Murphy outlines some important changes artists can implement in their day to day lives in order to balance full time work and a career as a musician.

“If I could only tell you one thing about how to be a musician with a day job, it would be to take baby steps.

When I gave myself the freedom to chip away at my music career instead of going all-in, it changed everything for me.

Baby steps are the way forward for the the part-time musician.

If you need direction, baby steps help you focus on only what’s in front of you. 

If you lack time, baby steps fit perfectly into your schedule. “

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