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Live Nation’s Drive-In Gigs Were Doomed From The Start: Here’s Why

It was recently announced that Live Nation would be scrapping it’s planned set of summer drive-in shows in the UK this year, including performances by several major artists and a production of the music Six. So why did this promising series fall through?

In this recent article on MusicThinkTank, contributor John Austen explores why Live Nation was forced to scrap its promising drive-in series, and what might take its place instead.

“Drive-In Cinemas were hugely popular in the 90s. But there’s a critical difference between live music and enjoying a cinematic masterpiece. Films are meant to be enjoyed sitting down. People want to take their loved ones, cuddle up, eat some popcorn and enjoy their film of choice with a certain level of tranquility. Live Music is very much the opposite to this. At a gig – you want to be dancing, singing, drinking (which you can’t do if you’re driving), and most importantly, close to the action. At a drive-in gig, you could be hundreds of feet from the action, barely able to see the acts whilst being stuck in your vehicle.”

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