Making The Most Of Now: Help For Artists During COVID-19

Even if you’ve been able to stay healthy over the past few month, and are able to get by without performing live shows, the ongoing pandemic is taking a serious toll on those operating in the music, or any creative industry. Here we offer some advice for making the most of this prolonged downtime.

In this most recent post on MusicThinkTank, contributor Eddie Tusox share some advice on maintaining your mental health and wellbeing as an artist during COVID-19.

“The best place to start when things get stressful or unsettling is with your health. Eating and sleeping well, and getting enough exercise may all seem like obvious things to do…but we sometimes forget how strong the mind-body connection is, and when our routine has been displaced we fall into unhelpful, or unhealthful habits. And that can lead to less energy and positivity in the long-term.”

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