MUSICIANS: A Guide To Effectively Marketing Your Virtual Services

As the pandemic continues, virtual events are here to stay, but for some consumers, live streaming events can be a tough sell. Here we examine what artists can do to more effectively market their virtual services.

Guest post from Gig Salad

Virtual events have become part of the “new normal” as our country deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. While some smaller events are beginning to happen in person again, we’re still seeing virtual services being booked on a regular basis on GigSalad. It’s important to let potential clients know that you’re able to provide a virtual experience on par with a live performance! We’ve created a simple guide to effectively market your virtual services.

Check your equipment

Before you can confidently offer virtual services, you need to ensure that your equipment is up to par. Your setup doesn’t have to be studio-level, but it definitely needs to be able to handle live streaming without glitches and issues, while delivering clear sound and video.

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Update your media

We’ve talked about this a few times in the past, but your media is so important that it’s worth mentioning again! When offering a new type of service, it’s helpful to offer your clients a view of what that experience will look like. Your old photos and YouTube videos may be awesome, but try recording a live Zoom session or take some high-quality screenshots to accurately portray your virtual services. Your potential clients will appreciate you taking the mystery out of this new trend of virtual event experiences.

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Refresh your online profiles

Everything is done online these days, and even more so right now. People immediately head to the internet to check out their options, read reviews, check pricing, and more. Be sure that all of your information is up-to-date, including your new virtual services options! Your bio should explain what you’re offering to modify your normal performances or services. Check your personal website, your Facebook page, and your GigSalad profile to be consistent across all your channels.

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Feature relevant reviews

If you’ve already performed at some virtual events, capitalize on that feedback from your clients. If you’re a Featured GigSalad member, you can feature up to 3 reviews on your page so they’re the first ones that event planners will see. Be sure to encourage your clients to leave reviews about your virtual services so you can showcase how you’ve mastered the art of Zoom performances! Remember, verified reviews hold more weight with potential clients.

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Spread the word

Now that you’re ready to offer virtual services, it’s time to drive some traffic your way! If you have a GigSalad profile, be sure to opt into virtual services or display a badge on your personal website. Use your social media pages to make announcements and promote your virtual performances or just to let the public know that you’re available for them.

If your budget allows, try some Facebook ads promoting your new services. For as low as $5 a day, you can reach a new, relevant audience on Facebook and Instagram! You can even send them right to your GigSalad profile to book you.

It also doesn’t hurt to reach out to past clients letting them know that you’re available for virtual services. As event planners begin thinking about upcoming parties, be the first one to let them know that you’re ready to take on those bookings! Put together a little announcement email promoting your new services. Be sure to put a call-to-action button or link to give people a chance to request a quote.

Marketing is a big subject, so we’ve put together a more in-depth guide to help tackle everything from social posts to emails. And hey, it’ll even come in handy after the pandemic is over!

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Marketing your virtual services isn’t much different than marketing your normal services. But with some simple changes that highlight the new offering, you could land a few more virtual bookings than before. Let people know that you’re a pro, on or off the screen!

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