The Importance Of SEO For Musicians, Creators In 2020

For artists, search engine optimization (or SEO) has always been a key part of any comprehensive marketing strategy, but with the current pandemic limiting artists’ ability to perform, and the future of the live music industry increasingly uncertain, artists need to improve their online marketing now more than ever.

In this latest piece on MusicThinkTank, Magnolia Potter breaks down why solid SEO is vital for musicians in 2020, as we move forward in these uncertain, virus-ridden times.

“Let’s face it, you probably didn’t get into music because you were thinking about marketing or SEO or modern digital advertising. If you’re still struggling with how to improve your SEO, make yourself a checklist about some of the best practices. It will remind you to constantly work on your marketing efforts to build your brand and reach more listeners/fans. “

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    1. Yes, in the context of a pandemic, listeners of many musicians have simply forgotten and now a lot of effort is needed to promote them. It is especially important to promote an artist on social media with good content and good posts. By the way, at the university, I used the services of a writing service that I chose on the site https://www.writingjudge.com/. The guys wrote all my essays. Also on this site there are tips on how to quickly write an article, maybe all this will be useful for you in promoting musicians.


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