10 Ways To Make $1000 Or More This Month From Music [KOSHA DILLZ]

Believe it or not, we are in a time that is unexplainable. I learned that if I was a big band like Tame Impala or Rebelution or  Portugal the Man,  I might be losing out on an extremely lucrative summer tour.

Hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars.  I myself lost a 28 city tour opening for RDGLDGRN and Little Stranger, but as the first of three openers, now might be the time that solo and duos can actually earn a living while abiding by all Covid-19 protocol.

I am gonna put in a few things that helped me “make $1000.” If you sell anywhere between 10-70 tickets per market, now is a great time to be alive in that unknown space that never quite seems to budge. This takes minimal effort and it can work for acts of every size, including solo acts that area also part of larger and more famous bands.

1.  Custom made songs – Believe it or not the world of custom made songs is working. You can do this on your personal page and fan accounts.  Believe it or not, we are so bored out of our minds you will have requests for personal labor days songs. ($150 a month) . Record it on your home set up and even if you don’t have that, you can get a good thang on Voice Memos and get it mixed on Fiverr.

2. Backyard bash – Across America the other week, I posted to see who would love for me to stop by with some merch and raps. Yes.  I ended up performing for a 6-year-old b-day party and a backyard in Logan Utah. Both were for about 10-20 people socially distant, and everyone gave a donation entrance fee via Venmo, as well as merchandise. ($200-$300 per bash) ; These are the only shows that you can socially do for the next year. Say you do one a month. 

3. Vinyl Exclusive – Now might not be the best time to stock up on Vinyl. Here you get a chance to make exclusive stuff for 10-20 fans and charge premium prices. Just imagine you can do exclusive songs for people and even create special songs for others. You can make an easy extra $100 without touching anything. ($100 for the month.)

4. Street Performing – Don’t fret.  You can perform in the street and live stream at the same time on IG with a Venmo / Cashapp / Paypal donation box. Even if it is a slow night or day, you never know when someone offline is needing that special boost. This can easily be $100 a week or more.  Pop up twice for two hours each time.  ($300 for the month)  Busking is the best thing that happened to me.II once made $50,000 rapping outside the grammys. This won’t happen but thee attitude is you never know, but you will always gain. 

5.  Cameo – Don’t worry everybody is doing it. I am! I do freestyle raps for B days that take 2 minutes for $18 and it comes out to $13.50 in your bank account.  Do two of these in a month. (That is $27 a month.) Share it a few times on IG and twitter make a joke about it.  Do 4 of them and it makes twice that.  Peep the cameo here.

6. Selling Vintage Clothes / Merch –  Believe it or not…your old merch that you have worn and certain things you used to wear are the next best thing to get out there 🙂   It is a great way to connect with your old fans. TBH you got at least $100-$200 laying around that only requires a Facebook post or two.  $100 a month. I have CDs and shirts and posters and more just laying around. For these do direct packaging and have them Venmo you.  I have a special Instagram here for that.

7. Patreon – Custom content is the best content. I want you all to know this takes minimal effort!  Patreon is a subscription-based service that is way more influential in fan development. You are already making it. You just don’t monetize it! People want to support you. It’ll be great with simple blog posts and videos. Maybe throw some 2 demos in there every month? one every two weeks.  With three tiers ($5 a month $10 a month $25 a month) you can get at least an extra $50- $200 a month…pretty quickly! $50 a month easyAnd it keeps growing! My patreon is doing quite well and I start off at $2 and $3 a month options.  I suggest starting at $5 or $1.

8. Music Lessons – Believe it or not, my friend singing friends who take lessons also give lessons. This can be to kids. This can be a 1-hour lesson.  A 30-minute lesson. These lessons can cost $25-$125 based on your skill. I think that is fun and if you get kids and get repeat customers, people are dying to keep young ones busy!  $50 a month min. 

9. Sell a Summer T-Shirt or Fall hat –  Do one merch drop. Please. It is easy to make money at $20-$25 a hat and pay $9-10 tops. You can make a  quick $50 profit on this.  I t can easily sell on Cafepress without any inventory unless you want to grab a few dozen by selling 4-5 pieces on your Instagram, twitter, snap, Facebook, etc. I do it on my merch store.  You can try selling on CafePress or big cartel.

10. Live Streams on Facebook/Instagram once a week. : Don’t forget Facebook.  Livestreams have slowed down but it is free money to go on there and play some tunes and make some $$.  It is perfect for a rainy Sunday at 2 pm. Ask Ada Pasternak who has been doing it non-stop. The virtual tip jar is ok to whip out every week. $80 a month min.

So lets review. There are 10 simple things you can do. I need to post this for myself. Sell a shirt. Teach a lesson. Start a Patreon. Sell your old clothes/vintage and old vintage merch you have laying around. Make a cameo for a quick shout out. Do a pop-up concert or better yet call it street performing.  On-demand vinyl printing is in! We all have fans that want vinyl. They all can’t go shopping. Backyard Bash is an exclusive once a month event (if you can’t happen, do this to sell tickets to a zoom)  Custom Made songs are new but let people know you will do them. Try them out. 

At an all-time low here, these short activities which take you 30-60 min each will amount you to $1107.What do you think about that? 

It can pay rent.

Kosha Dillz is an American rapper who specializes in hip hop DIY and much more.  His Patreon is here. Hs merch is here His website is here. 
He rapped for a 60-year-old Italian woman here for her birthday.  Reach out to him at rapper friends at Gmail dot com to chat about something cool to write about that is DIY and music-related for the underground artist.

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