Facebook Adds Ticketed Live Streams, Waives All Fees

Facebook has added ticketed live streams and will waive all fees for the first year.

Apple refused to waive commissions, according to Facebook, so creatures will receive 30% less on tickets brought through through the Facebook Apple iOS app.

100% of the price of tickets to Facebook Live online events bought on the web and on Android in countries where the company has launched Facebook Pay will be paid to the creator.


Ticketed events are open to all Page hosts and Facebook is testing paid events with Messenger Rooms for more personal and interactive gatherings.

Pages hosts in 20 countries that meet Facebook’s partner monetization policies can start charging for online events.

Check here to see if you qualify and get access.

Good News For Musicians

While music is not mentioned in today’s Facebook launch announcement – likely to avoid any hint of licensing improprieties – the new ticketed platform seems a strong option for many musicians.

Many have already built an audience on Facebook, and particularly if they and are willing to spend a little on boosts to promote their events, Facebook Live now combines streaming, ticketing, and a marketing platform in a single 100% free service.

Live streaming has become increasingly important to musicians both as a way to earn much-needed income and to connect with fans. In June, Facebook saw live broadcasts from Pages double compared to the same time last year.

It’s hard not to see how self-serve platforms like StageIt and Veeps who take 10-20% will not be hurt by Facebook’s new free offering.

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  1. The bad news is that you’ll be complicit in handing more monopolistic power and user data to Mark Zuckerberg, whose 1-year-no-commission offer benefits him the most.

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