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Rolling Stone Adds A Paywall

Rolling Stone is putting select content and its massive archives behind a $4.99 monthly paywall.

Some content will remain free and others will at least require a newsletter subscription. “The majority of our daily and weekly newsletters will remain free to receive in your inbox,” RS said in a statement, “though reading them on the website will be a subscriber benefit.”

Subscribers will also get access to archives of coverage that spans six decades, select curated content and exclusive first-hand looks behind the scenes. 

“As we continue our commitment to the integrity, honesty, and quality of our journalism — as well as to bold design and original photography — we’re proud to have your support,” said Gus Wenner, President and COO of Rolling Stone. “We believe this tradition of deep reporting will always have a place in the cultural conversation, but we couldn’t sustain it without dedicated readers like you.” 

Yous can sign up for a Rolling Stone digital subscription here, and active print subscribers are offered a discount for unlimited access.

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