Transform Your Spare Room Into A Recording Studio

Not being able to get into a recording studio is likely frustrating many artists, who have likely had a some unexpected time to work on new material. Fortunately, now’s the perfect time revamp that spare room into your own home studio.

In this recent piece from MusicThinkTank, contributor Maryn Mcdonnell offers some helpful advice on how to take that spare room in your house and reinvent it into a recording studio.

“To improve the quality of sound, you should embrace objects like sofas, bean bags, and pillows. Besides, you can carpet your flow to minimize the echoing effect. As you choose your carpet, settle on one whose colour contrasts with that of the cables. If your space is limited, this will minimize the chances of being trapped by the cables and even falling. The walls can be improved by using mineral wall insulations that reduce the echoing of sound in the room.”

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