Two More Live Music Streamers Launch: eMusicLive, Dreamstage

It seems as if every day another ticketed live music streaming service is launching. On Wednesday there were two:

Every streaming startup promises something “special,” but when you get under the hood you usually find that most are a tiny bit better at something – like reliability, audio quality, stream security or selling merch – and not so good at doing something(s) else.

Bands with fairly small followings are probably best served by Facebook’s new (and for now free) ticketed live streams.

But for everyone else, at least for now, its the wild wild west of music live streaming.

Today’s additions…


eMusic, the company behind the first online store for MP3 downloads, has partnered with digital music solutions provider 7digital to launch eMusicLive.

THE PITCH – “eMusicLive is a first-of-its-kind livestream platform that provides the direct commercial opportunities of live gigs for artists, such as bundling ticketing, music sales, merchandise and collectibles, all within in a single web-based platform. eMusicLive can also facilitate fan engagement through means such as real-time VIP experiences, Q&A and virtual rewards all within an end-to-end, closed-loop system.”

“We’ve built eMusicLive to bring all these commercial options together in one end-to-end solution. For the first time, this means livestream can be a primary source of income for artists,” said eMusic CEO Tamir Koch. “Our unique partnership with 7digital will allow artists to generate income streams from music sales and interact seamlessly with fans from all corners of the world, which sets our new offering apart from anything else on the market today.”


Co-founded by Thomas Hesse, the former President of Sony Music for Global Digital Business and U.S. Sales/Distribution  Dreamstage launches with classical music performances but promises to go wider

THE PITCH – “Coming this fall, Dreamstage will open our paid streaming platform for ticketed, live performances setup by artists themselves. With Dreamstage, artists will be able to quickly and easily create and manage events, promote on social media, interact with fans during the show, and get a deeper understanding of their fanbase with analytics. Our simple tools will help you get back to profitability with frictionless online ticket sales and easy artist payback.”

“Fans at home can watch the feed embedded in the virtual hall or full screen on their computers, mobile devices, or Apple TV, [with Roku support] coming soon,” Hesse told Pollstar. “We very much believe in a HD living room experience since this is where most people have their best audio and video environment and can lean back and best enjoy the show. With our first shows, we were struck how electrifying it is to share the same exact moment with the artists performing live in HD. Our claim is ‘it’s not like being there, it’s being there’.”


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