Bandcamp Sales Up 122% As CEO Offers Rare Look Inside The ‘Anti-Spotify’

In that last 30, days sales at indie music hub Bandcamp are up 122% year-over-year, according CEO Ethan Diamond who shared a rare look inside what the LA Times dubbed the “anti-Spotify.”

More New Bandcamp Stats

In the past years fans on Bandcamp bought:

  • 5M digital albums
  • 2M tracks
  • 1M vinyl albums
  • 600,000 CDs
  • 300,000 cassettes
  • 250,00 t-shirts
  • more than 40% of buyers paid more than the asking price of items to help support artists

Sales are continuing to rise. In August:

  • $75M of music and merch had been sold on Bandcamp Fridays
  • that has since grown to nearly $100M
  • Bandcamp has generated $584 million for artists and labels since 2008

H/T Music Ally, LA Times

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