Building Your Confidence As A Beginner Singer

Many people who are just starting out as singers often struggle with having confidence in their abilities, which can often negatively impact their performance, even if the talent is there. Here, we look at some actionable tips for ratcheting up your confidence as a singer.

In this latest piece from MusicThinkTank, contributor Shaun Letang offers up some essential advice on to build your confidence as a beginner singer.

“Some singers have no idea what they really sound like. Unfortunately, the sound you hear while you’re singing isn’t accurate. This is the reason you see so many audition fails on American Idol. These singers aren’t aware how they’re coming across. There are a couple of important factors that play into this. First, you must remember that your ears are not pointed in the direction of your mouth. They are pointed outwardly. So, you have no idea what it’s sounding like at the source. If you’re using a microphone, it is pointed in the direction of your mouth, which makes it a more trustworthy source.”

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