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Guide To Optimizing Your Spotify Label Profile

Earlier in the year, labels finally got the keys to the Spotify for Artists, app. Now a few months in, we’re looking at some of the best ways for labels to optimize their profile and get more traction from users.

Guest post by Randi Zimmerman of the Symphonic Blog

Back in May 2020, labels were finally given access to the Spotify for Artists app. (If you haven’t created your own profile yet, here‘s how.) Now, it’s important for labels to understand how to optimize their profile(s) to yield the best results from their efforts. Looking to get more traction on your label profile? Here’s how…

Focus on Kick-Ass Branding

As a label, all your content needs to be cohesive and branded accordingly. To see positive results, your playlists need to stand out. That means including good descriptions and corresponding links to artist profiles and/or your website.

Name the playlists with SEO friendly keywords. Think about the most common search terms someone would be typing into Google. For example, if someone looks up “bass music”, your playlist full of bass music better have those keywords in the description. — To help you out, here are some additional Spotify hacks you probably didn’t know about.

Spotify lets you create your own branded cover art, too. When deciding on what to use, just be sure it doesn’t have a lot of text, the quality is high, and they all have cohesive branding.

SEO Pro Tip: Name the image file the name of the genre it corresponds to. That helps, too.

Create Branded Playlists

Branded playlists are a great way to make your profile stand out on Spotify and increase your followers. Not sure what kind of playlists to create? Here are some ideas:

  • Sub genres // ex: Bass, techno, underground
  • Spotlights on artists
  • Top 10’s // ex: Mini compilations of existing content
  • Best performing, top performing, top genres, etc….
  • Create collaborative playlists with artists or label fans
  • If your music has moods, create playlists based around that (exercising, relaxing, etc..)

Want more? Here are some more tips for creating playlists people will actually click on and get you noticed.

Share Your Playlists

With all this potential to grow your fanbase and increase show attendance, you’ll want to use any and all opportunities to gain Spotify followers.

  • Share the playlists on IG Stories / Highlights
  • Fan gates
  • Encourage artists to share it
  • Tag artists on social for re-shares
  • Share on Reddit (Make sure it’s a relevant group!)


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Incorporate in Your Existing Properties

It’s important to make sure people are being directed to your Spotify profile wherever and whenever they engage with any of your online content.

Include the link to your profile in:

  • The description of your YouTube videos
  • Social media channels
  • Your label’s official website
  • Your Facebook “About” section
  • Newsletter footers

In Conclusion…

Adhering to these best practices will help steer traffic towards your Spotify profile and foster more engagement with your content. With a professionally branded profile and kick-ass content to back it up, you’ll be swimming in followers in no time.

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