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Ingrooves Lands Patent For AI Music Marketing Tech

Independent music distributor Ingrooves has announced U.S. patent approval for a proprietary method of using artificial intelligence to detect trends in audience engagement with the goal of identifying potential streaming audiences for artists.

The new tech was developed in-house by the company’s Chief Analytics Officer Dr. SK Sharma and a team of mathematicians and scientists focused on artificial intelligence.

“This proprietary technology is a ‘gamechanger’ for music marketers and the artists they represent and we’re excited to further integrate it into our platform,” said Ingrooves CEO Bob Roback, “Reflecting years of innovation and investment, this is a huge accomplishment for SK and his team, but it’s only one initiative on our roadmap to revolutionize music marketing for our clients.”

According to a statement from Ingrooves, the company has already begun the process of implementing the technology into their Trends Now platform, where it will monitor audience engagement and alert record labels to developing trends.

The distributor also plans to embed the AI tech a new, proprietary ad-buying solution within the company’s Dispatch marketing platform later this year, the company said.

While privacy is an increasingly important concern with audience metrics, Ingrooves claims its methodology only uses aggregate reporting data and contains to information that could be used to personally identify a listener.


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