3 Simple Things To Boost YouTube Subscribers

As a musician, YouTube subscribers are something of a Holy Grail when it comes to promoting your music. Growing your subscriber base can be hard, however, and if you’ve been frustrated in your efforts to boost your YouTube numbers before, these three easy techniques could be for you.

Guest post by Sara-Lena Probst of Blackbird Punk

YouTube subscribers are that longed after number everyone strives after. You’ve probably have tried a couple of tricks already. However, have you heard about those 3 simple tricks here? Read On!

YouTube subscribers are a precious commodity. For once, it is just nice to see that people love what you are doing on YouTube.

What is more, they are a real indicator of how well your YouTube channel is doing. That’s not all, someone who is a subscriber to your YouTube channel sees your video in their feed.

They can also hit the notification bell, that means they get a notification in their mailbox every time you upload a new video. Not to mention the fact that you need over 1000 subscriber to take part in the YouTube Partner Program.

You see, there are so many benefits of having many YouTube subscribers. However, the burning question is how to increase those sweet numbers.

For once, in order to get more views on your videos, you could run a TrueView Google Ads Campaign. This is crazy, you can’t just select an Ad-Format that says ‘More Subscribers’.

I’m quite sure you already tried a couple of tricks of the trade. Perhaps you really amped up your Upload Schedule. That means, posting fresh videos twice a week isn’t a problem for you anymore.

Also, you’ve probably splashed some cash for Adverts and made the Google Ads Manager your second home. In reality, you are hungry for more subscriber and you want to just simply throw everything you can get at YouTube.

Well, lucky for you I’ve got 3 simple things you can do to get more subscriber!

Use Remarketing Lists in your favour to get more YouTube subscribers

I’ve talked about Remarketing lists before. This is crazy, Remarketing lists can really help you lower your ad spend.

Why? Because the more detailed your target audience selection for your ad is the better the result. And the better the results the cheaper the ad will become.

However, Remarketing lists can also be a great way to increase subscriber numbers on your channel. In the first place, you need to connect your Google Ads account with your YouTube channel.

Now you can set up customised Remarketing lists after people that have seen your videos but not have taken actions to subscribe. You can also target people that have seen specific videos of yours. There are many more options for you to try out.

The good thing about Remarketing lists is that you can repopulate with the data from the last 30 days. This way, you can start using them immediately and not have to wait.

Another great point is that the data on the lists can be saved up to 540 days. This means that your list will become more and more refined.

Add your subscription link everywhere!

This is crazy, anyone can make a YouTube subscription link. What does that mean? It means that people who click on that link will automatically be on your channel with an overlay for subscription.

You might wonder, where do I get my subscription link from? Well, you just build it yourself! Just grab the URL of your YouTube channel.

Now add ‘?sub_confirmation=1. Thats it! As easy as it gets!

The next step is to add the new subscription link to anywhere you can think of.

What about adding it to your email signature? Your newsletter is also a prime place. As is the Facebook Info Page or the Instagram link in the biography.

What about adding it to your website with a nice button? Of course, you can also add the link to LinkedIn.

Basically, add the subscription link to any place you can possible think of!

Organise your YouTube channel landing page for more YouTube subscribers

This is crazy, you wouldn’t believe how many YouTube channel have un-organised landing pages. What does that mean?

It means that if someone really liked a video they perhaps found in their feed and now they want to check out the rest of the channel. They will get to the channel landing page.

Here you can display different playlists and a nice big header image. Also, you can feature a channel trailer that explains what your channel is all about.

The thing is, so many people don’t use this. Here’s the deal: I know keeping up with the upload schedule and all that jazz is time-intensive.

However, don’t just stop there. The more organised your landing page on your YouTube channel is, the more time people will spend there.

The more time people spend with your content the more likely they are to actually subscriber. On the other hand side, nobody will subscribe to a channel where the landing page is messy and features only outdated playlists.

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Make the most of the opportunities you have here. Also, don’t be shy to move things around to always keep the most up to date content on the top of the page.

Important to realise, you can select the way the channel is displayed. This way, you can easily check out how the channel is displayed to unsubscribed people or someone who is already subscribed.

Why does that matter? It can really help you to diversify the content. For example, you could display one version of a channel trailer to new people and another one for people who have already subscribed!

At the end of the day, it is really simple, the more engaging your YouTube channel is, the more likely people are to subscribe!

Don’t forget, people will only subscribe if they feel like they want really more of your content.

Here you go, 3 simple things you can do to get more subscriber on to your YouTube Channel. Don’t forget, people will only subscribe if they feel like they want really more of your content.

Nowadays, the internet is flooded with content. Folks that surf the web are constantly bombarded with information and video content.

Make sure that yours is unique to you and really represent who you are as a person or in your professional life.

Also, try to get as much into communication with your fans as possible. That way, you will always know what content to produce next!


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