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Facebook Ads: Why Is It So Difficult For Musicians To Promote Their Music?

While Facebook ads have historically been a powerful and effective tool for artists trying to promote their music, recent changes to the popular social network’s algorithm have made it increasingly hard for artists to use Facebook Ads.

In this latest piece on MusicThinkTank, contributor Mark Knight discusses Facebook’s need to simplify and streamline their advertising process in a way which allows artists to more easily and effectively market their music on the platform.

“Facebook Ads and social media advertising levelled the playing field, allowing unsigned artists access to the same advertising tools as signed major label artists. While those guys might have bigger budgets, the cost of entry is low. For just £1 a day or £3 for a lifetime, musicians can promote their music to anyone they choose anywhere in the world. Let’s not forget Facebook has 2.6bn active monthly users, while it’s sister Instagram attracts a cool 1bn per month. That’s a lot of people that haven’t heard your music yet!”

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