How To Get Your Song Lyrics On Spotify

Thanks to a new service provided by Musixmatch, listeners from across the world can now listen to a song on Spotify and see the lyrics appear in real-time. Here, we look at how you can get the lyrics to your music to appear on the platform.

In select markets around the world, Spotify has launched their real-time lyrics feature. With it, listeners can see a song’s lyrics on their screen, perfectly in sync with the music. All this is made possible with none other than our partner, Musixmatch. Here’s how…

How To Get Your Lyrics On Spotify

As a verified artist on Musixmatch, the first thing you need to do is add lyrics within the platform and format all text according to their guidelines.

How to add, edit and sync lyrics to Musixmatch:

  • Download the Musixmatch desktop app
  • Sign in with your previously registered account
  • Connect your streaming service
  • Play your song. (You can play it from Spotify, iTunes or Windows Media Player and Musixmatch will show the lyrics automatically)
  • If your lyrics aren’t available yet, click “Add lyrics” and type in your lyrics
  • Review / Edit the lyrics to make sure everything looks perfect.

As soon as you hit save, your lyrics will be published immediately on all Musixmatch apps and will be available to all partners in a few hours.


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Then, you can get your lyrics on Spotify by following these steps…

  • Download the Musixmatch app for mobile
  • Search for your song
  • Make sure the lyrics appear
  • Connect the app to a streaming platform
  • Click the “play” button for the song
  • Click “sync lyrics”
  • Use the down button to scroll through the lyrical lines in time with the music

Although this new feature isn’t yet available in the US, artists should still make sure to have all their music entered into Musixmatch. That way, your music will be available in all the other markets that do have the feature up and running.

As the feature is introduced in other markets, your lyrics will automatically become available.

For future releases, make sure to sign up to become a Verified Artist on MusixMatch and fill out the New Release Form to ensure your lyrics are available in time for your next release.

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