How To Sell Merch On Spotify and Why You Probably Won’t Be Able To

Spotify offers artists the option to feature and sell merch in the Profile. Sign up is free, but there’s a catch.

“Using Spotify for Artists and Merchbar, you can make part of your profile a digital merch table,” touts Spotify, “and signing up to Merchbar is totally free!”

This short video explains how.

What’s the problem.


Working with Merchbar is the only path to selling merch on Spotify, and while the merch aggregator has partnered with “100 merch companies, labels, distributors and other retailers of physical products,” indie and smaller acts are often excluded.

“I never got a response.”

More than a half dozen artists and marketers have confirmed to Hypebot that they’ve filled out Merchbar’s application form to sell on Spotify and never heard back weeks and even months later.

“Please be patient while waiting for a response,” writes the company. “Merchbar receives hundreds of applications per week.”

Merchbar gets “hundreds of applications per week” and yet by its own admission it only works with 100 companies.

That’s an acceptance rate out of sync with Spotify’s promise to create a two-sided marketplace that meets “the needs of creator teams to create art, engage with, grow, and better monetize their fanbase.”

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