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Most Subscribed-To Spotify Playlists: Can You Guess The Top 20?

Two-thirds of all listening on Spotify happens on playlists, with that number split evenly between Spotify-generated and user-generated playlists.

Compare the Market took a look at those playlists and delivered a list of the Top 20 most subscribed-to.

Key Takeaways

  • Today’s Top Hits still ranks as the most subscribed-to Spotify playlist with 26.5m global subscribers.
  • #2 Rap Caviar has half the subscribers of Today’s Top Hits – 13.2million
  • Decade lists from the 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s all made the Top 10
  • Listeners love their guilty pleasure songs with both “Songs to Sing in the Shower” and “Songs to Sing in the Car” placing in the top 8
  • Perhaps surprisingly, “Disney Hits” takes #11
  • Gamers Rule: “Top Gaming Tracks” with 2.8million subscribers is #12

Top 20 Most Subscribed-to Spotify Playlists

PositionSpotify PlaylistTotal Subscribers
1Today’s Top Hits26.5M
2Rap Caviar13.2M
3Viva Latino10.5M
4Songs To Sing In The Car9.5M
5All Out 00s8.4M
6All Out 80s7.5M
7All Out 90s5.9M
8Songs To Sing In The Shower5.6M
9Mood Booster5.5M
10All Out 10s4.7M
11Disney Hits3.2M
12Top Gaming Tracks2.8M
13Hot Hits UK2.6M
14Reggae Classics2.1M
15Salsa Nation1.7M
16Massive Dance Hits1.1M
17Massive Dance Classics860K
18Cheesy Hits853K
19New Music Friday774K
20Rap UK652K
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  1. I think some playlists were left out. For example Lo-Fi Beats has 3,5 Million subscribers or Jazz Vibes 1,6 Million and they’re both missing on the list.


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