Music Licensing For Independent Artists [Music Biz Weekly Podcast]

Jody Friedman joins Michael and Jay on the Music Biz Weekly Podcast to discuss song placement and sync listening for new and developing artists.

Do you know that if you record a 10 song album you could have 80 tracks available for licensing? They will tell you how.

Jody is an award-winning songwriter, producer, recording artist and music supervisor. His companies, HD Music Now and Collaborate Music, have worked with the major film studios, advertising agencies, trailer houses and television networks for over a decade.

Jody writes and produces for trailers & ads through his company, Collaborate Music. A song he wrote & produced called, “Pure As Snow (Mike Raznick Remix)” was used for the trailer campaign for Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” Season One.

“Creepy Cradle” was licensed for the trailer campaign for Eli Roth’s Horror film, “Haunt”. He’s produced music for trailer campaigns such as CBS All Access’ “Picard” and Sony Pictures’ “Fantasy Island”

Visit https://www.licenseyourmusic.com

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