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New Bandsintown Stats Show Growing Interest In Music Livestreams

Fan interest in both free and paid livestreams is continuing to grow and more musicians embrace the medium.

16,000 artists have done more than 51,000 live streams, according to new stats shared from live music discovery and marketing platform Bandsintown. The free platform offers artists tools to list and market live streams and fans “Notify Me” and “Watch Live” options.

Interest In Paid Livestreams Surge

In the last three months interest in paid live streams has been surging.

In that period interactions with free livestreams have declined 26% while at the same time ticket clicks on paid livestreams have risen by 577%, according to an analysis by Billboard’s Eric Frankenberg.

“Ticket clicks on paid events were just 14% of the engagement from free streams in July on Bandsintown,” writes Frankenberg. “Fast forward two months and paid livestreams have overtaken free livestreams, over-indexing by 33%.”

Bandsintown LIVE Dominates Pollstar Livestream Charts

Bandsintown’s LIVE channel on Twitch, which launched in May, has done its part to prove the viability of music livestreams presenting more than 700 artists to an audience of more than 31 million viewers.

That was more than enough to score Bandsintown LIVE three slots in the top 10 and 7 in the top 50 on the Pollstar Q3 Top 50 Livestream Chart which measures combined viewership across multiple performances.

  • 4 Bandsintown LIVE Outskirts
  • 7 Bandsintown LIVE Discovery
  • 8 Bandsintown LIVE
  • 17 Bandsintown LIVE Most Liked
  • 21 Bandsintown LIVE Fusion
  • 31 Bandsintown LIVE Fusion
  • 35 Bandsintown LIVE All The Vibes

Bandsintown LIVE also scored three slots in the Pollstar Q3 Top 100 which looks at individual performances.

  • 7 Bandsintown LIVE Outskirts
  • 25 Bandsintown LIVE Fete De La Musique
  • 44 Bandsintown LIVE Abracadabra

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