Personalize Your Streaming Promotion With Free Spotify Promo Cards

Spotify has unveiled another free feature designed to help artists promote their music online. Spotify promo cards give musicians a tool for creating crisp-looking content that is easily shared across social platforms.

By Greg Majewski from CD Baby’s DIY Musician

Spotify has released yet another feature to help you promote your music online: the Spotify Promo Card.

This new tool can be used by you (or your fans) to make good-looking, sharable social content related to your music on Spotify.

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There are three types of Promotional Cards:

  • Artist: For the entire artist profile
  • Album: For a full album
  • Track: For an individual song

You can select your preferred format in portrait, landscape or square, and customize the color of the card.

Once the process is complete, you have the option to save the file, copy the link or share the card directly to your social media account.

This process can be done by anyone! Both the artist and fans have access to this new promotional tool.

Create a Spotify Promo Card for your music today.

Greg Majewski has written about heavy tunes for Invisible Oranges, Metal Bandcamp and various now-defunct metal sites. When not writing he can be found at the gym or scouring forums and blogs for obscure ‘90s death metal. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and hundreds of plants.

[MORE: Spotify Gives All Artists Free Personalized Share Cards To Help Get Out The Vote In 2020 ]

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