5 Tricks To Get The Most From Your Music Livestream

With in-person shows still off the table, livestreams continue to be more popular than ever – but why should artists limit themselves to the duration of the performance? Here we look at five tricks on how you can get more out of your next livestream.

Guest post by Randi Zimmerman of the Symphonic Blog

Since the beginning of quarantine, musicians have been livestreaming their shows more than ever. Why limit the benefits of streaming to a 45 minute window? Keep the momentum going with these easy tricks to get the most out of your live streams…

5 Tricks To Get More Out Of Your Livestreams

Save & Share

If you hosted your stream on a platform like Facebook Live, you can go ahead and save the video after it airs. Then, you can upload the video across your socials for extra promo.

  • Of course, Facebook Live isn’t the only platform that lets you do this. Depending on where your audience is the strongest, you’ve got other great options to choose from. (From Twitch to YouTube Premieres, “Virtual Platforms to Use for Your Next Live Stream” covers everything you need to know.)

Wherever you decide to share it, at least share it to YouTube, no matter what. This huge platform brings a massive audience out to play. With it, your video has the potential to reach new heights that just can’t be reached on Facebook alone.

Make Mini Video Babies

Now that you have access to the full video, you can dice it up and make a bunch of additional content from it! Trim bits and pieces of it to share on Instagram, Twitter, etc. — Posting these smaller clips creates a bit of FOMO and entices viewers to check out the full thing.

There are many online trimming tools out there that are relatively easy to use for beginners. If you happen to be a video editing pro, however, it’s easy to take some cool bits from your original livestream to share on Instagram Stories or add to your profile highlights.

Not a video editing wizard? // Check out, “How to Use TikTok’s Video Editor for Instagram Stories”

Share Screenshots

This one is a great way to create some intrigue without a lot of effort. All you need to do is take some interesting screenshots from the video and post them on your socials with some engaging captions to match.

  • Try captions like, “Want to find out what I was doing here?  — Link in bio…”


Sharpen your skills…

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Create GIFs

GIFs are a great way to add some light-hearted fun into your social media strategy. They’re relatable, engaging, and actually very easy to create yourself.


Gify is one of the most popular GIF makers out there. It’s user friendly, so anyone can make creative content with ease. // Click here to make your own…

Email Blasts

All too often, independent artists sleep on traditional email newsletters… Big mistake. Email offers the opportunity to stay in contact with a dedicated audience who is more likely to take action when asked. — True engagement trumps reach any day of the week.

If you don’t have a dedicated email list, it’s not too late to start creating one. This post, “Getting Started with Email Newsletters as a Musician”, gives a great rundown on building your list, platforms to use, personalization, list management, and more.

New to email marketing and want to learn more? You’re in luck. We’ve got a couple great resources to help get your email efforts in tip-top shape. // Check them out below…

In Conclusion…

Your live streams are more than just a one time thing. They offer a plethora of additional content you can share on socials, use to promote specific incentives, tease more content and so much more. Create content that fosters engagement, reaches more people, and connects your fans, all from one live stream. — Good luck!

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