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UMG Is Building Its Own ‘Music-Based’ Hotels, Venues

Move over Live Nation, Universal Music Group has partnered with entertainment investment group Dakia U-Ventures to launch a chain of music-based experiential hotels that will include multiple entertainment venues.

UMUSIC Hotels’ first threw=e locations will be Atlanta, Georgia; Biloxi, Mississippi; and Orlando, Florida; with additional hotels planned for both the U.S. and abroad.

This venue is planned for the Biloxi hotel.

Each will feature high-end accommodations and hospitality and designs that reflect the local music scene and culture. Each resort will also feature dedicated, in-house state-of-the-art entertainment venues.

“Through music’s unique power to inspire and unite – especially given UMG’s unparalleled roster of artists and labels – UMUSIC Hotels will both highlight these cities’ rich music heritage and provide new opportunities for artists to reach fans in immersive, innovative and authentic ways,” said UMG President & CEO of Music Ventures Bruce Resnikoff.

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