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20 Most Popular Playlists On Spotify

Here is an updated list of the Top 20 Playlists on Spotify as of late October based on total subscribers.

Thanks to Chartmetric for the updated data with a H/T to Patch Culbertson of Big Loud.

1Today’s Top Hits26,875,333
2Global Top 5015,662,686
4Viva Latino10,689,669
5Baila Reggaeton10,126,752
6Songs to Sing in the Car9,726,522
7All Out 00s8,731,912
8Rock Classics8,457,824
9All Out 80s7,758,552
10Beast Mode7,498,596
11All Out 90s6,138,130
12Chill Hits6,038,700
13Peaceful Piano6,013,510
14Hot Country5,942,899
15Get Turnt5,927,111
16Mood Booster5,913,855
17Songs to Sing in the Shower5,697,530
19Esquenta Sertanejo5,512,227
20Happy Hits!5,489,794

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