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Join MusicGamingCon Free Online This Week

A new music and gaming conference, MusicGamingCon, launches free online this week.

This Wednesday and Thursday, December 2nd & 3rd from 1-6 PM EST the free online gathering brings together key individuals in music, tech, media, and brands for two 5 hour sessions focused exclusively on the cross-pollination of culture, knowledge, and relationships in the unique world of active music interaction through gaming. 

Organized by top Vietnamese gaming company Amanotes, MusicGamingCon marks the app publisher’s entry into North America. Amanotes combines music and technology to make engaging games with over 1 billion total global downloads to date

For more info and to RSVP, click here

The conference will feature a line up of speakers including:

  • Lee Trink- CEO and Co-Owner of Faze Clan
  • Tommy Knapp- Ultimate Gamer and host of Level Up Podcast
  • Gavin Johnson- Head of Gaming at independent music label Monstercat
  • Dan Runcie- Founder of weekly hip hop business memo Trapital
  • Wim Stocks- Chairman of  CSL Esports
  • Steve Martocci- CEO of Splice
  • Cherie Hu- Founder of Water & Music
  • Ryan Johnson- Founder and CEO of non-profit Cxmmunity, committed to increasing participation in minority esports
  • Silver Nguyen- Founder of Amanotes

It will also feature sessions on trending topics where music and gaming intersect; sample themes include:

  • Music x Gaming Culture – A deep dive into the culture of music and gaming, the key intersection points of the industries
  • Music Production –  The making of music for games, and how specifically music enhances the gaming experience from the perspective of a music producer, gamer, and technologist.
  • Newsletter Culture + Podcasts – How newsletters and podcasts are driving culture, featuring the top music tech podcasts and creators to share insights and best practices
  • Sync – Is licensing music the new A&R? How does that apply to the gaming world?
  • Monetization – Innovative ways to create unique revenue streams, leveraging culture in the gaming space.
  • Games Launches & Marketing – How to successfully launch new games and drive excitement and buzz. Additionally, you can see the agenda here for a full list of speakers and topics. 

For more info and to RSVP, click here.

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